by Michel Van Devender

One Accessory

Are you bored with your wardrobe and don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing new clothes or shoes? Or are looking for ways to energize your wardrobe and step up your fashion game? Well, do I have an inexpensive, stylish solution for you… scarves! You might be thinking scarves are from another era, no longer en vogue. Maybe your mom, grandmother or Great Aunt Pearl wore them, and you never imagined yourself sporting one. Perhaps you just don’t think of yourself as a scarf person. They’ve never fit your style. I get it! I will say that I see the scarf as a classic accessory that can fit anyone’s personal style and budget. And as beautiful as they are, I’m not talking about an Hermes or other pricey designer brands. I don’t believe I’ve ever paid over $30 for a scarf, and most often, mine are in the $10-$12 price range, less if it’s a really good, lucky vintage score. If you’re willing to try something outside of your norm, a scarf can be a fun place to experiment with your style and expand your wardrobe without the big dollar signs.

I’ll Take The Scarves

From an early age, I was surrounded by stylish people – my mom, my grandmother, aunts, a neighbor and countless friends. Many of them wore scarves, each in their own unique way. Without a doubt, the inspiration from my childhood has influenced my style and design aesthetic today. I’m definitely a scarf gal. It is one accessories that I cannot live without, a wardrobe staple! I have a treasure trove of new and vintage scarves in all different shapes, sizes, textures, colors and patterns that has grown in number over the years. I have been a devotee of these small, magical swatches of fabric since my late teens. 

The Style Magic

A scarf is impactful in that it can easily transform an outfit and a collection can enhance a wardrobe. A very basic outfit can be elevated by adding a beautiful floral or graphic printed scarf. They can be worn in so many different ways. Scarves are relatively inexpensive, providing a lot of style bang for your buck. For all of these reasons, it’s the one accessory that everyone should have in their closet, both women and men. Minimal space is needed to accommodate a scarf collection as they can be displayed in small baskets or tucked away in a dresser drawer. 

So, give the often unappreciated and ignored scarf a chance! Start by purchasing just one or bring the scarves you own out of hiding… play around and get creative! You may even thank me later! 





A Scarf Worn Seven Ways

This Madewell striped bandana (as they call it) was only $12.50 (and it sold out before I could get this posted!). The size and shape of your scarf will determine how you can wear it. This one is a square which tends to provide the most styling options. 

Classic Tied Around the Neck





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