by Michel Van Devender

The crushing all started way back in 2009/2010… way before her HBO reality/documentary show, “Stylish with Jenna Lyons,” hit the airwaves. If you didn’t already know, Jenna Lyons is actually the woman who made J. Crew cool. She was responsible for adding a little personality and a lot of twist to a mainstream, otherwise bland brand… yawn. After her departure I might add, J. Crew, you’re right back there.

Jenna’s no one-trick pony either. She really caught my attention when I discovered we share a love for interior design. Her Brooklyn townhouse was widely featured in various design publications. Who could possibly forget her ink black painted bedroom and adjoining bathroom walls? Inspired by her walk on the dark side, I (along with droves of other people), painted my bedroom, obviously, black! Several years ago, Jenna renovated and designed a very different, but equally as covetable SoHo apartment. Some of my favorite features are the green hallway, the brass kitchen cabinets, the pink living room sofa and that over-the-top opulent marble bathroom (insert drooling emoji).

Her epitomize style is one part prep, one part funk, one part classic, one part trendy with a gracious side of quirky. Jenna is a tall walking study in contrasts, and she always manages to pull it off – and together. She successfully projects this oh so effortless chic. Ms. Lyons’ style encompasses more than just her clothes and home decor though, it’s also an attitude and personality. It’s the entire package – the glasses, the long legs, her shoe collection, her sense of humor, the honesty with a side of F-bombs and her seemingly kind heart. It’s all of this that makes her so darn lovable and enviable. 

Anyone else been a long time crushing on Jenna Lyons? 


Jenna's Fashion Sense

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Jenna's Homes

Brooklyn Brownstone

Brownstone images via sukio.com

Soho Loft

Loft images via katieconsiders.com

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