by Michel Van Devender

If you follow me, you already know I love painting directly onto garments, especially denim. You can check out my custom painted denim here. There are however limitations with this method, especially if you’re looking to scale your offerings and inventory. Think one woman with a pair of jeans and a paint brush. Recently, I’ve been exploring other ways of creating wearables with my artwork and designs, including screen printing. I’m also intrigued by the process of screen printing art to paper. Much more to come on that later I’m sure, but for now I want to play around with garment printing.

So when the guys over at Studio Print Shop, a local boutique screen printing company, heard through the grapevine that I am interested in putting some of my artwork to the screens, they invited me to come play around in their studio. I literally jumped at the chance to collaborate with them and learn their process. I also did a little happy dance! They graciously gave me a crash course in Screen Printing 101 and then put me to work with the screen and press. I’m all about a creative process, and what a cool process it is! I thought they might offer me a job; however… sigh… they did NOT.

As you can see from the images, we took my pencil sketched girl and printed her to some t-shirts and sweatshirts. We tried to go lightly with the ink so the drawing retains its pencil sketched look. I absolutely love the way she turned out. They are all a little different. We printed a small run, but will be going back to press here shortly as I already have some orders. I’m also thinking I may try printing white ink on black. Please reach out if you’re interested in getting in on the next round.

I cannot thank the sweet guys at Studio Print Shop enough for indulging me + allowing me to hang with you for a fun, creative morning. You’re the BEST!!! I’m adding screen printing to my skill set too. If you’ll have me, I’d love to come back for Collaboration 2.0! I already have a slew of custom designs in the queue.

It just goes to show when you put something out there, speak it into existence, and the right people hear, things can happen! I call it serendipity!!! Until next time…


If you live in the greater Charlotte area + want to see your creations or brand come to life, these are the guys for you! Reach out to Rodney at Studio Print Shop. Give them a follow on Instagram too.

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