by Michel Van Devender

We didn’t want summer to get completely away from us without writing about our Montauk, New York visit. After all, it was one of the highlights of our trip. Our New York adventure was divided into two legs – one part beach and one part city. You can read more about our NYC stay at the Ace Hotel in our separate blog post linked here

Back in June, we flew from Charlotte to NYC, rented a car and drove directly to Montauk. This was my second visit, but the first for everyone else in our family. It was a long travel day as I’m sure all New Yorkers would agree, driving from Manhattan to the end of Long Island is a haul, especially with the grueling traffic. Add in a couple of tired, grumpy kids in a car for four hours after a flight, and I’m sure you get the general idea.

Once we reached Montauk, referred to as the end of the world, the pace completely slowed and the stress of the travel quickly melted away. Ahh… vacation mode on! Arriving around 5 PM at MARRAM, we were immediately struck by the quite, tucked away location and close proximity to town (We were able to walk for coffee, lunches and some dinners.). We had heard Montauk can be a bit of a party scene in the summer and were looking for something a little more family friendly and low-key. I mean, we can barely stay up past 10 PM, even on vacation! 

Checking in was a breeze. We were greeted by friendly, helpful staff at the front desk. Along with our room key, we were given written information about the hotel along with a list of Montauk restaurants and activity recommendations. As we embarked on the short walk to our first floor room, we were quickly lost in the natural, tranquil setting and lush, green landscaping. Exactly what we were looking for when we searched for lodging.

With a recent renovation, you forget the hotel was once an old-school motel, formerly the Atlantic Terrace Resort. With it’s own webcam and web-based surf report, this specific break has been a surfing mecca for decades. There are two long, two-story main buildings facing each other with a large center walkway, set back and running perpendicular to the beach. On the back side, there are additional buildings with a pool, restaurant and large indoor and outdoor common areas. There are areas for work and play, including a collection of outdoor loungy areas with fire pits where the nightly s’mores parties convene.

The overall vibe of the hotel is understated luxe, described by MARRAM as barefoot luxury. The design of the hotel and rooms is minimal, with texture taking center stage. The warm wood details, concrete floors, soft white walls and simple furnishings create a calm, serene setting, minimizing visual noise and maximizing unplugged relaxation. By the way, there are NO televisions in the rooms! We did not tell our kids this until we arrived. The layered neutral tones mimic the color palette of the Montauk surroundings, reflecting nature in all of the decor details. The Le Labo Santel 33 bath products are the perfect pairing for capturing the mood of the hotel in a singular, intoxicating scent. 

From beginning to end, we had a fantastic stay at MARRAM. The accommodations and level of service are top-notch. The hotel was a quiet, serene escape from the chaos and hustle of the real world. Montauk beaches are clean and stunningly gorgeous, creating the perfect backdrop for this stylish hotel. We will definitely be back MARRAM! Thank you for such a magical experience!


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