by Michel Van Devender

A little High Point Market shopping anyone? This week I snuck away from Charlotte and home for the day (woohoo!!!) in search of interior and exterior treasures. If you know me, you know I love a good hunt, not the outdoorsy shooting a gun or aiming an arrow type, rather the shopping kind. And please give me an antique store over a modern retail mall any day of the week, although in truth, I just enjoy shopping. It’s the thrill of the hunt! 

I do love most everything about market, but my favorite is the quirky, one-offs and one-of-a-kind finds. From Schwung to Bobo to Gypsy Marketplace to the Antique and Design Center, there was much to be seen and many steps to be walked (12,548 to be exact!). Market doesn’t officially start until Saturday, but many vendors seem to be getting ahead of the game by opening early. We certainly weren’t the only ones with the early bird spirit. Some designers and buyers had even beaten us there by a day, hence the hundreds of sold stickers already marked on what we thought were our finds. The effects of the pandemic have hit many industries hard and furniture and gift markets are no exception. Though, there seems to be quite a bit of pent-up shopping demand and many inspiration seekers heading forth, ready and willing to line up in High Point for first dibs at the finds and deals.

We came, we saw… but after eight hours of non-stop walking and shopping (I ate while walking because I’m committed to my sport.), I sadly hadn’t seen everything I came to see. And honestly, it’s humanly impossible to see it all, even going everyday for the entirety of market. My feet always say stop, but there’s a small voice coming from my shopping soul, saying, keep going, keep going. This time my feet won, and I jumped in my car and headed back to Charlotte. Maybe I can head again another day this go around or maybe I’ll wait for the next market in October. Regardless, I feel inspired and energized by the experience… my shopping cup is full. And well, I didn’t leave empty-handed either! 

Hope you enjoy the below highlights from my High Point Market adventure.



Always a favorite for European and Northern African antique furniture, rugs and art as well as their signature lighting collection. Owned by a Belgian husband and Dutch wife team, Schwung is the place to get lost in the unique and beautiful. Think old warehouse packed full of goodies… wear your walking shoes and set aside enough time to stroll the isles to see everything!


You’ll find walls and rows of vases, jars and bowls. We always love global-inspired pottery and dishware. The blue and white is a forever classic that mixes well with both modern and traditional interiors. And how about the black and white and brown and white versions? Yes, please!


It’s High Point Market’s version of the ultimate antique mall with some 75 of the best antique and vintage dealers from all over the country. This is where you’ll find a little bit of everything and some of my favorite mid-century modern art, furniture, lamps and accessories. I could easily furnish my entire house with all the goods sourced from here. Two vendors I absolutely love are Architectural Anarchy and Modern Love Furniture.


As always, this place was wall-to-wall packed with retail buyers and interior designers marking and tagging furniture, lighting and accessories. It’s good go-to for globally sourced antique and reproduction pieces for the home and garden. You’ll find more popular boho items as well as quirky oddities from Europe, Asia, India, Egypt and the U.S. 


Outside of the fact this vendor is housed in one of the coolest buildings in High Point and said building happens to be black, these guys have been around for years and continue to be a source for one-offs as well as the best of old and new. Antiques from every corner of the world coupled with more contemporary, yet classic new production furniture and accessories. Hang around long enough and you may get a story or two about the history of the building from the owner, Mark Sage.


A little bit of randomness and the miscellaneous from places that weren’t “officially” open.


Found a cool building...
Yes, I'll take the rug!
Always to Regina Andrew.
Large scale art we love.
Sneak peek while setting up.
Way too many great rugs.

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